Irrespective of the economic business climate it is always prudent to strive to obtain the best value for money in any services sought. Waste is no exception…

There are many waste management service providers in the market place today, from national to regional providers with varying charging structures for similar services. gives you the opportunity to have your waste requirements market-tested to inform you as to how competitive your current service provider is.

From the single site business user to the multi site national companies we know you do not have the resources to spend time searching for waste management services; this site does this for you.

We want to save you money with no compromise in service level; we are here to do the searching for you, we want to present you with options in order, to save you money, reduce your waste and enable you to concentrate on running your business.

In order to compare your costs and service level we ask you to fill out a short information form which will enable us to compare the price you pay in the area your business operates.

If you would like a no obligation comparison please complete the information form and within 24 hours we will have compared your current service with the marketplace and will advise you on how cost effective that is.

We will give you an appraisal based on whether your current provider is fair or excessive in the current marketplace. And we will explain further why we believe Duty of Care/EPA waste transfer note, administrative charges, should be a standard price throughout.

For example if you are paying more than £30 per annum, ask yourself why?